We shall consider four nuggets to receiving our liberty in Christ Jesus:

1) HAVE A DREAM/VISION – Genesis 37:2-10

Vision is the sense or ability of sight. It is an ideal or a goal toward which one aspires. Joseph was bound, without vision, no direction for 17 years. Life meant nothing to him until he began to dream dreams.

A vision less person is gradually dying and he becomes a captive. Vision impacts knowledge and knowledge guarantees dominion. The mind is limitless unless bound by its carrier. There is the power of sight, it can be seen in a word, “foresight” or “foreknowledge” which is the ability to foresee or prepare wisely for the future.

Beloved, has the devil blinded your vision? Do you dream but don’t remember your dreams? You may think it doesn’t matter but that’s a lie from the devil. You need prayers to deliver your mind from demonic influence. Don’t fail to contact us. So many people have lost their destinies in the dreams.

Prayers: oh God, deliver me from every manner of blindness and destroy the weapons fighting me in Jesus name. Amen!