Looking at this episode, we can see the two dispensations, the law and Grace. Moses seeing the back of God meant that he saw the end of law and the beginning of grace. Moses saw God, the visible God who is Christ. The had an encounter with Christ but he was still holding unto the law so he couldn’t see the face. Nobody can behold God’s face in through the law. It will bring death.

In Christ, we are not tasked to see the face of God, but to become like Him, carrying His resemblance- His face. The more we behold, the more we become. Just like a glance through a glass(mirror), the Father knows His appearance by looking at us and we know our appearance by looking at Him. In Christ we behold Him face to face – Alleluia.

Christ in us is the hope of glory. I see your liberation has come and you’re receiving crowns of glory for every shame that came your way. Amen

Prayer: Let the glory and honour of Christ be seen in my life now and always in Jesus name. Amen