MAIN TEXT- JUDGES 11:9 …”If you take me back home to fight the Ammorites and the lord gives me victory, I will become your ruler.

Psalm 139:14 – I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

To be worthy or worthless depends greatly on the decision you make in life, your family background or environment notwithstanding. It is common knowledge that failures and obstacles must prevail in life struggles but they are not permanent. Perseverance can change a lot of things if you lean on the power of the Holy Spirit for guidance in making decisions.

When God is involved in anything, protocols are broken. No matter the level you are operating in your family, ministry, business etc make sure that God is involved. Jephtha was the son of a harlot and a brave soldier from Gilead in Israel. The legitimate sons of his father drove him out and refused him share in their fathers’ possessions because he was not a legitimate son- Judges 11:1-2. Jephthah did not submit to that show-down but left them to settle in the town of Tob.

Not long, the Ammorites made war with Israel and being unable to fight the Ammorites, Israel sought for Jephthah to come and lead them in the battle and thereafter become their ruler. Jephthah won the battle and became King and ruler in Israel – Judges 11:32.

Child of God, do not underrate yourself because you can never know what the future holds for you. This is reason you must rely on God, attend bible studies, read your bible and meditate in it for your future is buried in the word of God.