Heavenly Father, as I study your ever faithful word today, let there be evidence of this study in my life and family. Let your mercy be upon me in Jesus name



First Bible Meditation
Psalm 23:6
‘Yes, goodness and mercy will accompany me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord until the end of my days.

One of the things that God promised the children of Israel while they were in their journey to the Promised Land is that His presence would be with them. You need the presence of God throughout your life. It is by abiding in the presence of God, that God will speak to you. But how do you remain continually in the presence of God ? How do you take his presence in your daily life ?
We remain continually in the presence of God by devoting our time to the study and meditation of God’s Word, finding time to worship him truly (John 4 :23 – 24), engaging in prayer and fasting and the keeping of our christian devotion daily.

I believe that it is as we spend time in the presence of God that His character is manifested through our attitudes and our manner of conceiving ideas, how to respond to others, and our ways of handling situations.

It is by being in His presence that we can hear him speak, the divine creativity becomes spontaneous, and the service is easy. But above all, it is necessary to enter into the presence of God and walk daily with Him in order to have the material manifestation of His glory. Exodus 33 :14 :‘My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest’.

God wants us to forsake all hindrances and excuses and commune with Him in order to have a christian life completely victorious. When we remain in His presence, the overflowing grace of God is released on us for extraordinary blessings.
God is calling you to a more intimate relationship with Him. You have stayed too much on the sidelines, He wants to draw you closer to Him.

Weekly work
Avoid, flee and resist every distraction that will take you away from the presence of God daily. Watch out for spiritual pollutants.

1) Have mercy on me, Oh Lord. Do not take your Holy Spirit away from me.
2) God make me an embodiment of your glory, renew me in Jesus name

52 Week Bible Reading Plan: Sunday-Saturday
Romans 3-4, Genesis 4-7, Joshua 6-10, Psalm 3-5, Job 3-4, Isaiah 7-11, Matthew 3-4

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