Role of the Holy Spirit as the Bible Expositor

1.Revelation and inspiration- 2 Peter 1:20-21. The Holy Spirit moved in the inspiration of scriptures as the divine author. We cannot expound spiritually-revealed scripture apart from the working power of the one who gave the scripture.

2.Illumination of the Holy Spirit –
The bible is not human wisdom, and thus the expositor must be illuminated beyond human thinking, the spiritual eyes must be opened to comprehend the meaning of the word of God

3.The Holy Spirit convicts John 16:8, 13. The presence of the Holy Spirit makes the preacher and the listener try to align their lives with the purpose of the Holy Spirit in giving out the word.

4.The Holy Spirit communicates with the hearers -1thess 1:5
The exposition of scripture requires both spiritual understanding and spiritual unction. The authority which the believer has in his message, does not lie within him. The spirit, through the truth, enables the expositor.