To be holy means to be devoted to God, and separate or different from the world. To be with God, and to walk with God, means that the companion of God is separate from the world. Separation from the world is the result of holiness, not the source.

How can the Holy Spirit make us holy?

  1. He encourages us into the spiritual disciplines that promote the presence of God like, prayer, meditation, bible reading, good Christian influences like movies, books.
  2. He encourages us to engage in acts of goodness, kindness, justice, love, compassion and say no to immorality.
  3. We need to know that we can’t make ourselves holy. We grow in holiness, or sanctification, only because of the grace of God’s gift of the Holy Spirit in us.

4.These spiritual disciplines are designed to make us open to the Spirit and the presence of God.

Conclusion- The uniqueness of the Holy Spirit is, his presence within us. With that, he empowers us to live victoriously for the cause of Christ and the glory of the father.